Preventative Care

Our family oriented dental clinic can assist with preventative care

Prevention is the key to a healthy and long-lasting smile. For this reason, it is the most essential service we can provide for you. Our services in this respect include hygiene appointments for your professional cleaning and examinations (most commonly a six-monthly basis); fissure sealants to minimise the chance of decay in some back teeth; mouthguards and; oral hygiene instructions to educate patients on the best manner to maintain their smile.

Preventative Care

Good oral hygiene is critical for preventative dental care. Bacteria in plaque reacts with food and produces acids which can attack and weaken the enamel on teeth. While brushing is an important factor in good dental hygiene, regular visits to your dentist will ensure your teeth and gums stay in as healthy condition as possible. External factors such as eating sugary foods, drinking sugary drinks, and smoking are all best avoided as much as possible.

Please refer to our section in FAQs for further information about these issues.

Along with offering expert preventive dental care, you can talk to us about snoring problems and obstructive sleep apnoea. Find out more about our Anti-Snoring Devices.

We’ll help you make your next dentist appointment convenient

We understand that you’re busy. To offer the most convenience for our clients our Brisbane dental clinic operates 6-days a week. Call our friendly and helpful receptionist for an appointment and your local dentist in Hawthorne.

We work with several of the major health private funds and offer Medicare bulk billed Children’s Dentistry under the Child Dental Benefit Scheme.