Restorations & Fillings

Our family oriented dental clinic can assist with fillings

At Hawthorne Dental clinic we use only the latest, safest, and most comfortable products and procedures. Fillings are no exception.

Fillings are typically required when a tooth is worn, decayed, or damaged. Fillings can restore a tooth to give it the full functionality it would have if it were a healthy natural tooth. Before a filling is made, we must first remove any decay then clean and dry the tooth.

We can replace your existing silver fillings using our fast and painless procedure. We use a ‘tooth’ coloured resin that is layered and set (hardened) using a special blue light, before applying the next layer. This process is done until the hole is filled. Most fillings are done in around an hour and should last you several years.

Contact our dental clinic for fast, safe, and professional fillings

Fillings are often one of the first things most people think about when they think about visiting the dentist. At our dental clinic in Hawthorne, we offer a wide range of dental and oral care solutions to fit your needs at any stage in your life. See our General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry services.