Root Canal Treatments

Our dental clinic can assist with root canal treatment

Our root canal treatments are performed using a procedure called rotary endodontics. This is a powered instrument that offers precise control for cleaning and shaping a root canal. The flexibility of the instruments we use means less chance of breakage and getting the least invasive work possible.

In many cases whereby the tooth has very deep decay or an irritated/infected pulp, root canal therapy is the only option to save this tooth in the long-term. These procedures have been made available for many decades now, however, with advances in technology, root canal therapy has been made more simplified and more comfortable for our patients, giving them the opportunity to maintain their teeth for longer. At Hawthorne Dental, we use the latest in rotary endodontic technology to ensure the best possible results for our patients as well as minimising discomfort.

Root canal treatments are a last resort treatment to save a tooth

We understand that hearing the term ‘root canal treatment’ from your dentist can cause fear or anxiety. At our dental clinic in Brisbane, you don’t need to worry about any procedure you have with us. Our goal is to make all our General Dentistry treatments safe and comfortable for our patients.

Most people that require root canal treatment visit us with some degree of ache, pain, or discomfort and a tooth that is almost “dead”. Our dentists will always try to save a tooth if it’s possible and encourage our patients to choose that option as well. Even if an extraction seems like an easier and cheaper option, it is always best to keep your natural teeth if possible, to maintain correct bone height and jaw structure.

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