About Us

When we first opened our doors in Hawthorne back in 2008, we were incredibly proud to be part of the community as we loved the idea of the locality being a little “hub” within Brisbane. Furthermore, we loved the idea of supporting other local small businesses in the area as we were also becoming one of them ourselves.

This clinic is a bit of a “pride project” for the owners as it is something they envisioned and set up from the ground up. You may notice from our logo that it is essentially the letter “H” which stands for Hawthorne. If you look closely, the H is actually made of two pillars which is a symbol of the owners’ pride in building the business together from the beginning. Each pillar represents each owner and their determination in building up this small business over the years.

Being a family run and oriented practice, we have always envisioned a practice where we would not only offer excellence in care and patient satisfaction, but we love seeing our patients grow up with us. It is an amazing feeling seeing our child patients grow up to adults; our adult patients grow their families; and families grow their businesses and continue to be able to cater to all their needs and see them all along life’s journey with us. There is also no better feeling than being able to help anxious patients work through their treatment with us and see them leave with a smile. This is also the message which our motto is based on. “Creating smiles for life” reflects our desire to create smiles that will last a lifetime but also creating smiling memories with us along that journey.

Are you looking for a local family dentist in Brisbane?

If so, then we’d love to meet you. We cater to the local Hawthorne community for a wide range of dental health services. Our dental clinic offers both General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry, including teeth whitening, and even a visiting Orthodontist. Meet the Team at our dental clinic.

Proud members of the Australian Dental Association.