Emergency Care

At Hawthorne Dental, we understand that dental emergencies do not discriminate and can happen to anyone at any particular time. We will endeavour to manage your issues to the best of our abilities and have time put aside each day with deal with these misfortunate occurrences. We have extended operating hours for your convenience and are happy to accommodate any emergencies with the time provided.

What to do:

Knocked out tooth

If the tooth has been knocked out completely (with the root in tact), attempt to replant the tooth in its correct orientation back into the socket. However, if the tooth is dirty (fallen on the ground), rinse the tooth in milk, being careful not to hold the tooth by roots. If milk is not readily available, rinse the tooth quickly under water (no more than a few seconds) or have the patient gently suck it clean prior to putting it back into the socket.

However, if the tooth can not be replanted, place the tooth in milk or in the patient’s mouth, either on the side of the cheek of under the tongue. In such a situation, contact us as soon as possible, as time is critical for successful replantation.

Broken tooth:

If the broken tooth resulted from a blow to the face, clean the debris with warm water and place a cold pack on the face next to the site of injury to minimise swelling. If possible, try and keep all the missing bits of the teeth and bring them to the dentist, keeping them moist. It may be possible to bond the teeth back almost without any visible scarring. It is also wise to contact us as soon as possible.